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FREQNCY - Soundproofing For Everyone

Freqncy, a sub-brand of MMT Acoustix, specializes in affordable acoustic foam panels designed for home studios and individuals interested in experimenting and learning about acoustics. These high-quality foam panels, crafted with a density of 32, effectively absorb resonance, echoes, and enhance sound quality by reducing reflections from walls and ceilings.
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FREQNCY® Pyramid Acoustic Foam | 12"x12"x2" | Pro Charcoal
Regular priceRs. 1,190.00Rs. 595.00
FREQNCY® Turbo Acoustic Foam| 12"x12"x2" | Pro Charcoal
Regular priceRs. 1,250.00Rs. 625.00
FREQNCY® Pyramid Acoustic Foam | 18 Pcs | Pro Charcoal
Regular priceRs. 1,790.00Rs. 895.00
FREQNCY®, Mega Bass Trap Diffuser, Professional Charcoal (Set of 2)
Regular priceRs. 3,590.00Rs. 1,795.00
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