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Bass Block Bass Traps Diffusers

  • The Bass Block Bass TRAP DIFFUSER for controlling the mightiest low frequency sound waves at the corners. Diffuses the heavy vibrations and absorbs it.
  • Easy to apply using MMT Acoustix Spray Adhesive or any SR Adhesive, MMT Acoustic Spray
  • Best for controlling bass in jamming room, studios, home theatres, nightclubs and gyms. Controls low frequency 2.47.
  • WHERE TO APPLY : Apply from top to bottom in every corner in high bass rooms | 2-3 Pcs in each corner in medium bass Room | 1 Pc in every corner in low bass room | Single pc behind every monitor for beginners
  • SIZE : (24"x12"x12")ft, Set of 1, Corner Cut : 90 Degrees, Centre Thickness : 10” , Front Frame : 17.5“
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Pyramid Acoustic Foam 6x3 Ft | Colours Available

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Pyramid Acoustic Foam 6x3 Ft | Colours Available

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