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Pyramid Acoustic Foam

Pyramid Acoustic Foam panels were introduced in India by MMT Acoustix® in early 2000. Pyramid Acoustic panels are used for soundproofing, noise reduction and acoustic treatment. It absorbs the mid and high frequency sounds at different hertz to achieve the desired room acoustics. 

Acoustic treatment, soundproofing and noise reduction is an important aspect of interior designing and architecture. It impacts our daily lifestyle and performance directly or indirectly. Soundproofing is important in music studio, nightclubs, auditoriums, home theatres, multiplex, offices, residence, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools etc. 

Pyramid Acoustic Foam Panels are manufactured and supplied by MMT Acoustix in India with German infrastructure and raw materials
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Turbo Acoustic Foam Panel, Pro Charcoal, Set of 9 pcs

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Turbo Acoustic Foam Panel, Pro Charcoal, Set of 9 pcs

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