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BassBloc™ Bass Absorber

A highly proficient product measured by test results and appreciated overtime, our BassBloc™ Bass Absorber is a
polyurethane based sound absorber that isolates low frequency sound transmissions from walls, ceiling and floor.
It acts as a base layer for soundproofing projects because it controls amplified noise, unwanted echo and
provides with maximum sound isolation. It is made with both open-cell and closed-cell
acoustic foams, therefore resulting in 10x increased sound absorption.
BassBloc™ Bass Absorber can be installed on and under surfaces, making it a perfect choice of
carpenters, and contractors. Combine with an under layer of  SoundBlanket MLV for near perfect silence from outside!

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BassBloc™ Bass Absorber | 6x3 feet | Multi ColoredBassBloc™ Bass Absorber | 6x3 feet | Multi Colored
BassBloc™ Bass Absorber | 6x3 feet | Multi Colored
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