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MMTPL stands as a prominent innovator in soundproofing and adhesive technologies, achieving a market share of $15 million USD in 2023 through its diverse range of brands:

MMT Acoustix®: Known for over 200 SKUs in DIY acoustic foam panels, bass traps, and door seals for various environments.

SoundBlanket®: Features the world’s slimmest soundproofing membrane,including mass-loaded vinyl and soundproof curtains that are certified for STC and fire resistance.


Echsorbix®: Offers PET acoustic panels that combine aesthetic appeal with effective sound absorption, made from recycled PET bottles.

BassBloc®: Provides advanced low-frequency absorption solutions using recycled materials.

Turbo®: Specializes in synthetic rubber adhesives and waterproofing, with ongoing R&D for product innovation.

These brands collectively drive MMTPL's success, reflecting its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability in the global market. 



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