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About The Company

In 2001, MMT group originated to deliver the most efficient products for soundproofing and acoustics 

in the city of New Delhi, India. With a vision to serve people with high quality products in various 

industries, MMT Acoustix became one of the biggest soundproofing product brands in India. For more

than 18 years as the trends have changed, MMT Acoustix has evolved with them. Our willingness to

adapt and grow has introduced the soundproofing industry with new and DIY products. Today MMT

Acoustix products are sold in every state of India and in more than 25 countries. 

The Infrastructure 

MMT Group has highly invested on manufacturing units, imported from Hennecke Polyurethane,

Germany for consistent quality, precise cutting and product innovation. Implemented managed

warehousing for swift global shipping of the product. MMT products are produced using the world's

best raw materials with regular testings and R&D. All products are approved by government associations

to provide the best quality to the customer.