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MLV 8mm

When noise and sound transmission needs to be effectively controlled, Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is
one of the components in building noise barriers and soundproof walls. MMT Acoustix SoundBlanket MLV is
essential in soundproofing walls, ceiling and floor. It is a super density rubber membrane produced
with an engineered mixture of 5 types of rubbers and resins. The membrane comes in a roll form and
can be easily installed. For optimum results, this sound blocking membrane should be installed between two layers.
It is commonly used in new construction and also to correct noise problems in existing spaces of all kinds,
like auditoriums, hotels, offices, cineplexes, schools, residential homes etc.
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SoundBlanket - Mass Loaded Vinyl Roll | 8mmSoundBlanket - Mass Loaded Vinyl Roll | 8mm
SoundBlanket - Mass Loaded Vinyl Roll | 8mm
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