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SoundBlanket : MLV Mass Loaded Vinyl

MMT Acoustix® Sound Blanket : Isolation Underlay is a super density rubber membrane produced with a engineered mixture of 5 types of rubbers and resins. The membrane comes in a roll form and can be easily installed on floors, walls and ceilings as a primary layer for sound isolation. The sound is unable to pass through the super density surface of the product and provides required soundproofing. It can be easily installed with nails and adhesives. The products is sold in rolls. Each roll is 12 sqm (10000 x 1200 mm) / 128 sqft ( 32 x 4 ft ) with a straightness ≤ 20 mm/10 m. This product can also be sold in pallets, each pallet with 28 rolls. For optimum results the sound blocking membrane should be installed between two layers

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Pyramid Acoustic Foam 6x3 Ft | Colours Available

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Pyramid Acoustic Foam 6x3 Ft | Colours Available

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