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Acoustics Foam Panels

How do I Install acoustic foam panels, do I need a professional help ?

All MMT Acoustix® acoustic foam panels can be easily installed yourself using spray adhesive available on our website. Just spray adhesive on the back of the panel or directly on wall, and it sticks instantly. You can also use SR Adhesive locally available in the market.

How much do I need for soundproofing my room ?

Soundproofing consist of 2 things majorly , Sound Isolation and Echo Treatment. If you cover 50-60 % area it will help in echo treatment and if you cover 100% area then it will also isolate the sound.

Only Acoustic Foam panels are fine to isolate the room or we need Sound Insulation Pad too ?

If you plan to record Vocal with instrument, with sound level around 110 DB then only acoustic foam is fine. But if there is a jamming session and high sound level more than 110 DB the we suggest a later of Sound Insulation Pad first then Acoustic Foam Panels above it.

What are Sound Insulation Pads ?

These are the best alternative to Glasswool and Rockwool used earlier for sound blocking. The isolate the sound and avoid any breach. Easy to apply and non allergic. No fumes or toxicity. This should always be your layer 1 if you plan something loud.

Will it stick directly on the wall or I need to apply wood first ?

MMT Acoustix® Acoustic foam panels or other products can be applied directly on any surface be it wood, brick wall, cemented wall, false ceiling, POP, glass, ceramic tiles etc. using adhesive.

I have bought tiles and I need to soundproof a little area in my room, what should be the placements ?

Acoustic Foam panels should always be applied at point of sound reflections. Firstly behind the monitors, secondly at the right / left (adjacent)wall or surface which is the second point of reflection and thirdly the wall opposite to the monitors for front reflection. For better performance we suggest on the ceilings too just above your seat.

I have bought a panel of 6x3 feet, how do I cut it ?

It can be easily cut using table knife or blade. Just be Safe !

Can it be covered or painted ?

Yes it can be covered by Gypsum , Wooden Panels, Fabric etc. but it can not be painted. However, acoustic foam comes in various colours and designs and you need not cover it. Its just your personal choice and will not affect its performance.

Is it similar to foam sheets we get in the market ?

No, the foam sheets you get in the market are commercial comfort foam which is made specially with a lot of open cells to facilitate passage of air. Air is the only medium through which sound travels the fastest. MMT Acoustix® Acoustic foam is made with acoustic polyurethane chemicals which converts the vibration & kinetic energy of the sound into heat energy at diminishing level and the increased surface area distributes the waves into different direction and keep it on the surface while absorbing it simultaneously.

There are many cheaper versions available in the market with similar designs, what’s the difference ?

Honestly, you would know the difference once you buy them. The only difference is the product quality. There is a difference between comfort foam and acoustic foam. All our products are certified by ARAI for their performances and the customers are free to ask for the report. The NRC and STC values are determined on the basis of tests done on the product in reference to music industry. We aim to create a concrete base for your motivation and not dishearten you by providing cheap and unqualified products.

Some people say acoustic foam is not effective, even the internet, we need to stuff our walls with rockwool. What do I believe?

Because of these people the soundproofing treatment has become a business of super high rates, labour intensive and time taking deal. Using efficient product ie best in performance and easy on pocket, is the right way of acoustics.

Payment and Returns

How can I return the product?

For returns, please send us an email at enquiry@mmtacoustix.com by specifying your name and order number in the first instance

What are refund policy?

We do not offer refunds or exchanges for reasons of buyer's remorse (purchased wrong design/size/undelivered address, etc.). Therefore, please be 100% sure about what you want to buy before placing your order and address is correct!
Pyramid Acoustic Foam 6x3 Ft | Colours Available

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