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Egg Tray Acoustic Foam

The classical MMT Acoustix® Egg Tray Acoustic foam was launched in 2006 when no other designs were in the market. It's convoluted design increases the surface area like other designs and absorbs the sound as required. Its powerful and old, available in only one classic colour professional charcoal. Its can stuck on any surface using adhesive. The design has an NRC greater than 0.85. The density is high and the product is commonly used behind gypsum walls, grid ceilings or on wall surface who loves the classic design. Also the product is cheper than other designs due to its cutting process which avoids any wastages.

Egg Tray Acoustic Foam are most affordable due to its zero wastage and easy cutting technique. Egg Tray Soundproofing panels is used in areas which is least visible or planned to be covered by fabric or other material. . .

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Turbo Acoustic Foam Panel, Pro Charcoal, Set of 9 pcs

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Turbo Acoustic Foam Panel, Pro Charcoal, Set of 9 pcs

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