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SoundAxe Groove Acoustic Panel

  • The All new high performing SoundAxe Groove Wooden Acoustic Foam panels are best for echo reduction, sound diffusion and sound absorption !The surface area of this product is higher than Pyramid and Wedge due to its new design.
  • The groves of Groove acoustic foam trap any reflective sound which tries to escape. The t groves hides and allows easy fitting of LED lights and wiring through them without damaging your walls.
  • Great for spot treating sound on walls. - For use in recording studios, control rooms, offices, home studios, home entertainment theaters, classrooms, youtube video recordings, voice over studios, machine canopies ,Hotels, Basements, Machine Room, Practice Rooms, Schools etc.
  • Made using high density Acoustic Polyurethane. NRC > 1.00, STC > 33 DB certified by ARAI.NRC is Noise Reduction coefficient means it will absorb 100% sound it encounters.
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SoundAxe™ Groove Foam + Wooden Acoustic Panel | 1 x 1 Feet
Regular priceRs. 1,695.00Rs. 1,195.00
SoundAxe™ Groove Foam + Wooden Acoustic Panel | 2 x 2 Feet
Regular priceRs. 2,995.00Rs. 1,595.00
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