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Acoustic Fabric Salem

Acoustic Fabric in Salem: Transforming Soundscapes with Elegance


Acoustic fabric has emerged as a revolutionary solution in sound management, offering functionality and aesthetic appeal. This high GSM (grams per square meter) sound-absorbing fabric is designed to enhance acoustic performance with a laminated high-density sound-absorbing acoustic foam. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the various aspects of acoustic fabric, its applications, benefits, and availability, focusing on MMT Acoustix.


Key Features

1. Acoustic Performance

Acoustic fabric boasts a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.20, highlighting its impressive sound absorption capabilities. This makes it an ideal choice for spaces where proper control is crucial, such as cineplexes, home theatres, and auditoriums.

2. Variety in Colors

Available in an array of solid colours, acoustic fabric provides superior acoustic performance and the flexibility to complement and enhance the overall aesthetics of any space.

3. Width Options

With a width of 54 inches, the acoustic fabric ensures seamless application and coverage, making it a versatile choice for different projects.


1. Laminated Range

Acoustic fabric, with its laminated high-density sound-absorbing acoustic foam, is perfect for applications where both sound absorption and visual appeal are essential. It is used extensively in spaces like recording studios, broadcast rooms, and commercial establishments.

2. Non-Laminated Range

The non-laminated variant of acoustic fabric is specifically designed for wall panelling in environments like cineplexes, home theatres, and auditoriums. This variation allows for tailored acoustic solutions without compromising on aesthetics.

Installation and Maintenance Guide

1. Installation

Using PVC Grippers

  1. Begin by securing PVC grippers to the perimeter of the area where the acoustic fabric will be installed.
  2. Stretch the fabric tightly across the space, attaching it to the grippers.
  3. Ensure uniform tension for optimal acoustic performance.


  1. the acoustic fabric can be installed by nailing it to the desired surface.
  2. Use evenly spaced nails to secure the fabric, maintaining a smooth and taut finish.

2. Maintenance

Maintaining acoustic fabric is straightforward:

  • Vacuum or dust the fabric surface regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt and particles.
  • Address any stains promptly using a mild detergent and a soft cloth.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning materials to preserve the integrity of the fabric.

Fire Retardancy

One of the critical safety features of acoustic fabric is its fire retardancy. MMT Acoustix ensures that its acoustic fabric meets stringent fire safety standards, providing peace of mind for users.


In conclusion, the acoustic fabric is a testament to sound management innovation. Its unique combination of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and ease of installation has become a go-to solution for various applications. MMT Acoustix, committed to quality and safety, offers a range of acoustic fabric options, ensuring that spaces sound great and look great. Elevate your aural experience with MMT Acoustix today.


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