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Acoustic Wooden Slats in Iran

Acoustic Wooden Slats in Iran

Acoustic wooden slats have a prominent market and demand in Iran. MMT Acoustix, with its modest yet superior logistics, supplies enormous quantities of acoustic and soundproofing materials for many building projects in Iran, UAE. 

As a prominent wooden slat manufacturer, MMT Acoustix has a diverse selection of acoustic wooden slats, catering to the specific needs of Iran's architecture and interior scene. Acoustic wooden slats are available in MDF, HDF, MDMR, HDMR, and paintable MDF. MMT Acoustix uses 850-1000 kg/m3 density wood and laminates for slat production. MMT Acoustix is committed to precision, achieved through in-house CNC machines for accurate cutting and finishing.MMT Acoustix understands that aesthetics are just as crucial as performance. To this end, their acoustic wooden slats are available in over 30 shades in thicknesses, ranging from 10mm to 18mm, allowing for customisation that caters to different acoustic requirements.

Acoustic wooden slats use tongue and groove installation technique. This allows easy installation and a sleek and polished final appearance. The design further incorporates a 4mm perforation on the back of the slats, enhancing sound absorption and diffusion. This makes them ideal for expansive spaces that demand efficient acoustic control. For those aiming for optimal performance, MMT Acoustix recommends combining their wooden slats with BassBloc®, a supplementary layer that maximises sound absorption

MMT Acoustix offers a comprehensive range of wooden slat installation accessories including Aluminium Channels and clips.



Product Details:

• Sound diffusing and absorbing premium acoustic wooden slats
• Available in 30+ shades of color for an aesthetic look.
• Density over 850 kg/m3
• NRC levels are greater than 0.65, Certified by ASTM
• CNC cut for precise design. Available in narrow and wide grooves
• Produced in big slat sizes of 2440x128mm for fast installation. Customisations available
• Fire Retardant, Water Resistant, Anti Termite and Zero Emission panels
• Available thicknesses are from 10mm to 18mm
• Perforated and Groove slat designs or as per requirement. 

Installation Method


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