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Door Bottom Seal, Door Sweep & Weather Strip in Allahbad

Door Bottom Seal, Door Sweep & Weather Strip in Allahbad

Experience the pinnacle of the door seal and sweeps innovation with our meticulously designed tapes catering to perimeter and door bottom applications. Our solution is finely tuned to combat unwanted sound, dust, light, and pest infiltration, delivering comprehensive protection.

Harness the power of vacuum technology with our door seal tape, an advanced mechanism adept at sealing and filling air gaps present along door and window perimeters. This door seal tape is made from high-quality EPDM, which helps in the flexibility and vacuum properties of the product. MMTPL exports high quantities of door seals, and door sweeps for hotels, malls, offices and residential projects.

Our door bottom seals and sweeps come in two distinctive variations: self-adhesive silicon material and self-screw aluminium material. The door seals are compatible with doors composed of different materials - be they metal, wood, or other variants. 

Facilitates heightened privacy, comfort, and enhanced protection against environmental factors. Embrace the straightforward installation process, characterised by self-adhesive convenience.

Enquire for door seal tapes and bottom door seals in Allahbad, embarking on a journey towards elevated comfort and safeguarding. Your satisfaction remains our utmost priority.

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Product Features:

  1. MULTI-FUNCTION: This indoor weather stripping with strong resilience after extrusion; good for anti-collision, great for preventing wind, dust, sound, and cold, protecting the window and door, and reducing the abrasion and noise effectively on window/door while open and close
  2. This window door seal strip, equably foamed by EPDM, has the same smooth interior and exterior, high resilience, super durable UNIQUE GRID ADHESIVE BACKING - strong grid adhesive backing sticks firmly, giving your doors and windows long protection.
  3. Our window door seal strip comes with adhesive and can be cropped according to your actual doors and windows size. Widely used in all kinds of sliding doors, sliding windows, closet door, and security door, reduce damage to your doors and windows
  4. HIGH-QUALITY NYLON + ALUMINIUM: A premium painted brown aluminium body with a long-lasting nylon rubber bottom makes the product highly durable and can protect you for over ten years.
  5. EASY TO INSTALL: Comes with coated black screws, which quickly go through aluminium and wooden door/window frames. Just drill or install the product on the bottom with a manual screwdriver. The product must be placed on the outer side of the door.
  6. MADE IN INDIA: The product is purely indigenous and made with Indian allows and rubbers.
  7. WEATHERPROOF: Blocks unwanted sunlight, dust, pests, mosquitoes and rainwater. India has multiple weathers and harsh ones. Get protected from all by installing this weather door seal at the door bottom.

Advantages of Door Seals & Bottom Sweeps


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