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MLV - Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier in Lucknow

MLV Mass Loaded Vinyl Sound Barrier in Lucknow

MMTPL manufactures SoundBlanket® MLV Mass Loaded Vinyl noise membrane and supplies it to Lucknow for prominent building projects. Engineered with precision, this high-density vinyl marvel is designed to isolate and block low, medium, and high-frequency sounds, making it an indispensable building material for soundproofing walls, ceilings and floors. From hotels to nightclubs and cineplexes to commercial buildings, SoundBlanket® MLV Mass Loaded Vinyl noise membrane is a primary layer for sound isolation, transforming ordinary spaces into heavy sound-containing places.

Complementing its exceptional sound-blocking capabilities, SoundBlanket® MLV Mass Loaded Vinyl noise membrane offers unparalleled flexibility during installation. Combining SoundBlanket® MLV Mass Loaded Vinyl noise membrane with a Bassbloc® sound absorber in a wall cladding system results in a holistic soundproofing solution, catering to even the most advanced acoustic requirements. SoundBlanket® MLV Mass Loaded Vinyl noise membrane is produced in convenient rolls of 32x4 Ft (128 ft2) / 1.2x10 Mtr (12 m2). With thickness options ranging from 2.5mm to 18mm, SoundBlanket® MLV embodies versatility in wall, ceiling and floor soundproofing in Lucknow building projects. 

In various settings such as cineplexes, studios, hotels, and offices, SoundBlanket® MLV Mass Loaded Vinyl noise membrane offers soundproofing.


Product Features:

  1. Composition: SoundBlanket® MLV Mass loaded vinyl is perfectly produced by blending polyvinyl chloride and barium sulphate, giving it gravity, mass and flexibility for maximum sound insulation.  

  2. Sound Reduction: SoundBlanket® MLV effectively isolates and blocks sound, focusing on low frequencies for superior noise reduction.

  3. STC Certification: SoundBlanket® MLV Mass loaded vinyl boasts impressive Sound Transmission Class (STC) levels exceeding 27Db in just 3mm thickness, validated by ASTM standards ASTM E-413 ensuring superior performance.

  4. Fire Retardant & Water Resistant: Designed with safety in mind, these panels are fire retardant and water resistant, meeting stringent safety requirements.

  5. Thermal & Static Insulation: Besides soundproofing benefits, SoundBlanket® MLV  offer thermal and static insulation, reducing energy consumption and contributing to safety.

  6. Minimal Space Requirement: Vibration-resistant and characterised by low thickness, it occupies minimal space while delivering optimal results.

  7. Seamless Integration: Can be conveniently covered with carpets, wooden flooring, gypsum, or cement, maintaining design aesthetics.


SoundBlanket® - Wall Cladding For Wall Soundproofing

Technical Details

SoundBlanket® MLV excels in sound isolation, blocking low frequencies—versatile installation on walls, ceilings, and floors. High density controls all frequencies: minimal thickness, water/fire resistance, and easy integration.

Constitution & Weight 

SoundBlanket® MLV features a high density of> 2100 kg/m3 for effective noise control. Its lightweight composition ensures effortless handling while maintaining exceptional acoustic performance.


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