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Nightclub Soundproofing in Oslo


Nightclub Soundproofing in Oslo

Discover premium nightclub soundproofing materials in Oslo with MMT Acoustix. Our extensive range of acoustic solutions, meticulously designed for the dynamic nightlife scene, ensures an impeccable auditory experience. From acoustic panels that eliminate sound reflections to bass traps that control low-frequency noise, our products are engineered for optimal sound control. We recognize the importance of preserving the energy and excitement within the club while maintaining the peace outside. With MMT Acoustix, Oslo 's nightclubs benefit from state-of-the-art soundproofing materials that meet the highest standards of quality and performance, ensuring an unforgettable experience for patrons and harmony with the neighborhood.

To attain the desired recording room conditions, we recommend a three-layer approach: Layer 1 features the SoundBlanket® sound isolator, Layer 2 incorporates the BassBloc® Low-frequency absorber, and Layer 3 utilizes Echsorbix® PET Acoustic panels, SoundAxe® Wooden Acoustic Panels, MMT Acoustix® Acoustic Fabric etc to absorb mid and high frequencies effectively

Step 1: Assess Your Space

Before you embark on your journey to perfect sound, it's essential to evaluate your nightclub space. Take note of any external noise sources, structural flaws, and acoustic challenges within the room. This assessment will guide your choice of MMT Acoustix products.

Step 2: Soundproofing with MMT Acoustix

  • Soundproofing Doors: To begin, focus on sealing sound leakage through doors. MMT Acoustix Door Soundproofing Kits offer high-density soundproofing tiles designed to block out external noise. They come in various designs to suit your aesthetic preferences.


  • Windows: If your nightclub has windows, MMT Acoustix Window Soundproofing products can be a game-changer. These solutions, such as soundproof curtains and acoustic window panels, effectively minimize sound penetration. Its best advised to seal off all windows with wooden boards or bricks for best results in a nightclub.



  • Walls and Ceilings: Isolate the dance floor and speakers from the rest of the building to minimize sound transmission. This involves adding a high quality thick sound dampening membrane on the walls and ceiling like SoundBlanket MLV sound Isolator in 8mm or 5mm thickness. Covering the membrane with a frame work and adding a bass absorber to eliminate transmission of vibrations and bass low frequency sounds eg., BassBloc. This treatment is valid for both walls and ceiling. 




Step 3: Acoustic Treatment with MMT Acoustix

  • BassBloc & Bass Traps : In the context of nightclub acoustics, achieving optimal sound quality is paramount for an exceptional auditory experience. Our strategic approach includes the placement of bass traps in corner spaces and the comprehensive coverage of all walls and the ceiling with Bassbloc sound and vibration absorbers. Notably, Bassbloc excels in absorbing low-frequency sounds, which are most commonly produced in nightclubs and are notoriously challenging to control. This is a significant advantage, as traditional materials like glasswool often fall short in effectively managing these low-frequency sounds, leading to a potential loss of investment in sound quality optimization. By countering this limitation, Bassbloc ensures a superior audio environment that resonates with quality and energy.




  • Mid and High Frequencies: MMT Acoustix acoustic PET panels, wooden slats, acoustic fabric and acoustic foam are perfect for addressing mid and high-frequency absorption. Crafting an immersive auditory experience in a nightclub relies on impeccable mid and high-frequency treatment, incorporating an array of acoustic solutions. Strategically position PET acoustic panels on walls and ceilings to control sound reflections and reverb. Wooden acoustic slats offer both aesthetic appeal and acoustic functionality, enhancing sound quality. Acoustic foam optimizes sound clarity, while diffuser panels disperse sound waves effectively, preventing direct rebounds. Suspended acoustic ceiling clouds further contribute to sound diffusion. Fabric-covered acoustic panels combine form and function, absorbing and diffusing mid and high frequencies. Regular testing and professional consultation ensure these treatments meet the nightclub's unique needs, maintaining an exceptional audio ambiance.




Step 4: Building Codes and Permits:

Be sure to comply with local building codes and acquire the necessary permits for any structural changes.

Step 5: Regular Maintenance:

Keep up with maintenance to ensure that soundproofing materials and equipment remain effective over time.

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