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PET Non-Woven Felt Acoustic Panels in Cuttack

PET Non-Woven Felt Acoustic Panel in Cuttack

MMTPL produces high-quality and large quantities of sound-absorbing Echsorbix® PET Non-Woven Felt Acoustic Panels and supplies them to Cuttack. Cuttack 80,000 sqft factory, equipped with European standard machines, is a testament to Cuttack unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality.

Echsorbix® PET panels are manufactured from 100% recycled PET and dyed polyester. With a palette of over 20 shades, these panels seamlessly blend aesthetics and function. Echsorbix® PET Non-Woven Felt Acoustic Panels encompass weights from 1200 to 3000 GSM and thicknesses of 5mm to 24mm, catering to diverse acoustic needs.

Cuttack dedication to excellence reflects in Echsorbix® PET Non-Woven Felt Acoustic Panels, conforming to EN-13501 fire retardant standards for safety. ASTMC-423/ ISO 354 certification attests to their exceptional sound absorption, fostering acoustic sanctuaries. They maintain structural integrity and indoor air quality, are moisture-resistant, and are VOC-free.

MMTPL supplies Non-Woven Felt Acoustic Panels to Cuttack and regions across the country, where they make their mark, adorning spaces with functionality and elegance. Architects, interior designers, and acoustic enthusiasts embrace these panels as vital components in multi-million projects to maintain aesthetics and acoustics. 

Experience auditory refinement through Echsorbix® PET Non-Woven Felt Acoustic Panels in Cuttack, where precision and sustainability converge. 


Product Features:

  1. Composition: PET Acoustic panels are expertly crafted from 100% recycled PET and dyed polyester, making them environmentally responsible choices.

  2. Sound Absorption: These panels excel in reasonable control, dampening and absorbing sound waves effectively, thereby creating a more serene and comfortable environment.

  3. NRC Certification: PET Acoustic panels boast impressive Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) levels exceeding 0.65, validated by ASTM standards ASTMC-423/ ISO 354, ensuring superior acoustic performance.

  4. Fire Retardant & Water Resistant: Designed with safety in mind, these panels are fire retardant and water resistant, meeting stringent safety requirements of EN-13501.

  5. Thermal Insulation: Besides acoustic benefits, PET Acoustic panels offer thermal insulation, reducing energy consumption and contributing to cost savings.

  6. Termite Resistance: With anti-termite properties, these panels ensure longevity and durability, even in challenging environments.

  7. Versatile Installation: PET Acoustic panels offer versatile installation options, from adhesive application to suspended configurations, allowing seamless integration into diverse spaces and designs.


Echsorbix PET Acoustic Panels Production Process

Discover MMT Acoustix's PET acoustic panel mastery in Cuttack 100,000 sqft Haryana plant. Crafted from recycled PET, these panels blend sound control and aesthetics. Achieving NRC levels above 0.65, they offer fire retardancy, water resistance, and termite resilience. Experience innovative acoustics, energy efficiency, and style in every installation.

ColCuttack Shades

Elevate yCuttack space with Echsorbix® PET Non Woven Felt Acoustic Panels, available in a vibrant spectrum of 20 captivating color shades. Unleash creative possibilities while achieving superior sound control and aesthetic harmony. Experience acoustic excellence that resonates with yCuttack unique style.

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