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PVC Grippers Bhopal

PVC Grippers in Bhopal for Fabric Wall Panelling: Elevate Your Aesthetics with Precision

Welcome to MMT Acoustix, your premier destination for high-quality PVC grippers to enhance your fabric wall panelling projects. Transforming spaces with precision and reliability, our PVC grippers offer a seamless solution for securing acoustic fabric, ensuring a professional and polished finish. MMT Acoustix supplies acoustic PVC grippers in Bhopal to acoustic integrators for wall panelling in home theatres, cineplex, auditoriums and offices. 


Key Features:

1. Versatile Sizes

Available in three distinct sizes - 25mm, 12mm, and 50mm - our PVC grippers cater to various fabric thicknesses, providing flexibility in your wall panelling projects.

2. Secure Fabric Installation

MMT Acoustix PVC grippers are engineered to hold the fabric securely, facilitating a smooth and taut finish. The precision design ensures a hassle-free installation process, contributing to the overall aesthetics of your space.

3. Buy PVC Gripper in Bhopal from MMT Acoustix

Conveniently located in Bhopal, MMT Acoustix offers you the opportunity to buy PVC grippers locally, saving you time and ensuring prompt access to top-notch products for your wall panelling needs.


Why Choose MMT Acoustix PVC Grippers?

  • Quality Assurance: Our PVC grippers are manufactured with a commitment to quality, ensuring durability and longevity in every application.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Designed to complement various fabric styles and thicknesses, our grippers seamlessly integrate into any design scheme, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your space.
  • Easy Installation: The user-friendly design of our PVC grippers simplifies the fabric installation process, making it accessible to professionals and DIY enthusiasts especially in Auditoriums, Home Theatres, Cineplex and offices

Buy PVC Gripper in Bhopal – Elevate Your Acoustic Experience

At MMT Acoustix, we prioritise your acoustic satisfaction. By offering PVC grippers tailored for fabric wall panelling, we empower you to create acoustically optimised spaces with a touch of sophistication.

Explore our 25mm, 12mm, and 50mm sizes of PVC grippers to find the perfect fit for your fabric wall panelling project. Elevate your acoustic experience with precision, style, and convenience – choose MMT Acoustix PVC grippers today.

Connect with our technical sales team and share your business query with us.


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