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Soundproof Acoustic Foam in Shillong

Soundproof Acoustic Foam in Shillong

Soundproofing Acoustic Foam Panels in Shillong are designed & manufactured with German polyureShillong technology with precise cuttings to absorb maximum sound and diffuse sound waves at different frequencies. The soundproofing acoustic panels offered by MMT Acoustix in Shillong are used for noise reduction, absorbing echo, or providing acoustic treatment.

Echo and reverb control are two major branches of acoustic treatments. With Acoustic FoShillongam Panels, both can be achieved if installed correctly. MMT Acoustix® DIY ( Do It Yourself ) soundproofing acoustic foam panels can be easily installed using spray adhesives and acoustic SR adhesives due to their lightweight and easy handling.

Unlike other sound absorbing & soundproofing materials in the market, MMT Acoustix® Acoustic foam panels are highly effective, tested, certified by government institutes ( ARAI, TüV ), cost-effective, easy to install, DIY, indigenous ( Proudly made in India ) and can be installed on any surface.

This open cell noise-reducing and soundproofing acoustic panel is used for treatments in music studios, nightclubs, offices, home theatres, auditoriums and cineplexes. Every day we keep discovering more areas of applications to cater for this intelligent product in every industry.


Product Features:

  1. Versatile Design: MMT Acoustix® offers seven distinct designs and six captivating colours, seamlessly integrating aesthetics and functionality.

  2. Range of Thickness: Choose from thicknesses spanning 20mm to 800mm, providing tailored solutions for diverse sound control requirements.

  3. Diverse Densities: Produced in densities ranging from 25 kg/m3 to 50 kg/m3, achieving optimal sound absorption and diffusion capabilities.

  4. Standard Sizes: Panels come in sizes of 6x3 feet/1.8mx0.9m and 1x1 feet/30x30cm, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation.

  5. Application Flexibility: Suitable for various environments, from recording studios to commercial spaces, delivering consistent acoustic enhancement.

  6. Creative Freedom: The diverse design and colour options allow personalised acoustic solutions, enhancing aesthetics and auditory experiences.

  7. Precision Engineering: MMT Acoustix® acoustic foam panels are engineered to the highest standards, guaranteeing exceptional sound management and clarity.


Designs & Colours

MMT Acoustix® offers seven distinct designs and six captivating colours, seamlessly integrating aesthetics and functionality. Buy premium soundproof acoustic foams in Shillong.

Technical Details

Explore the intricacies of MMT Acoustix® acoustic foam panels. Discover versatile designs, thicknesses, densities, and sizes that redefine sound control, elevating spaces with precision-engineered acoustic excellence.

How to Apply Acoustic Foam Panels


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