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Soundproof Curtains In Aurangabad

Soundproof Curtains For Windows in Aurangabad

Transforming the innovative Soundblanket technology into a heavy-duty sound-isolating curtain with premium sound-absorbing 800 GSM fabric on both sides. With an easy hanging & retracting mechanism, the SoundBlanket soundproof curtain reduces traffic horns, dog barks, common neighbourhood noises and many by 70-80%. Conveniently un-install and re-use on any window/door. It is produced in custom sizes for every kind of requirement. SoundBlanket soundproof curtain consists of a powerful multi-layer of mass-loaded vinyl, acoustic foams and high NRC acoustic fabric.

Soundproof curtains are shipped to Aurangabad by MMT Acoustix after producing them within 7-9 days. Soundproof curtains, a versatile acoustic solution, provide peace by reducing external noise infiltration and dampening echoes within a room. They enhance privacy and sound quality in homes, offices, and studios. Soundproof curtains combine style with functionality for a more tranquil environment.



Product Features:

  1. Advanced Soundproofing Technology: These curtains are engineered with a sophisticated composition, featuring a core of 3mm SoundBlanket for maximum sound absorption, two layers of 4mm acoustic foam, and two layers of 800 GSM acoustic fabric. This multi-layer design effectively minimises external noise.

  2. Retractable Holding Belts: For added convenience, the curtains come with retractable holding belts, making it easy to adjust the curtain's position and level of soundproofing.

  3. Hooks and Fasteners: Including hooks and fasteners ensures secure and effortless installation, allowing users to quickly set up and remove the curtains.

  4. Portability and Versatility: These curtains are designed to be easily removable and transferable from one window to another, offering flexibility to adapt to various spaces within your home or office.

  5. Affordability: They provide an affordable alternative to extensive soundproofing solutions, making them a cost-effective option for enhancing the acoustic environment of your room.

  6. Effective Noise Reduction: With their multi-layered construction and specialised materials, these curtains effectively reduce noise infiltration, ensuring a quieter and more comfortable living or working environment.

How To Install Soundproof Curtains

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