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Acoustic Foam | Acoustic Panels | Soundproofing in Bahrain

Buy directly from the manufacturers of premium and high quality acoustic foam panels made from high density open cellular polyurethane technology. MMT Acoustix® Acoustic foam panels guarantees for acoustic treatment ie echo absorption in music studio, home theatres, multiplexes, hotels, offices and any place which has reverb and reflective noise. With wide range of product designs and colours, acoustic and isolation technology, consultancy and logistics, MMT Acoustix offers a complete solution to your soundproofing problems in Bahrain

Some of MMT Acoustix products :

Acoustic foam panels – Acoustic Treatment, Sound Absorption

Acoustic foam is one of the best sound absorption material in the market and has 100% sound absorbing surface area. Acoustic foam panels absorb the high and mid frequency sound waves and completely remove the echo and reverb in the room. Made from high density acoustic polyurethane.

MMT Acoustix® supplies a wide variety acoustic foam panels in Bahrain for acoustic treatment of home theatres, music studios, nightclubs, hotels and offices

SoundBlanket MLV – Sound Isolation, Noise Barrier, Soundproofing

SoundBlanket Mass loaded vinyl is a dense soundproofing membrane and a noise barrier which reduces sound upto 36 Db depending upon the thickness. Comes in high density of 5kg/m2 with STC ranging between 27-48. It's the slimmest soundproofing material in the world which can be easily applied on walls, ceiling and floor using nail, screws and adhesive. Comes in roll form of 1.2 x 10m = 12 sqm.

MMT Acoustix® supplies mass loaded vinyl largely in Bahrain for soundproofing of home theatres, music studios, nightclubs, hotels and offices

Soundproof Curtains – Noise barrier for doors and windows

Introducing the SoundBlanket® Soundproof curtains that isolates noise from windows and doors without even changing them. A 4 layer noise barrier curtain comes with premium hanging attachments, retracting belts for folding the curtain when not in use, perimeter sealing velcro and premium fabric touch and look.

Reduces sound upto 27 Db. majorly used for reducing traffic noise, birds chirping, neighbour noise etc.

Wooden Acoustic Panels – Sound Diffusion, sound absorption, wooden finish

Acoustics is not only absorption but also diffusion of sound. The sound when hits the surface of a wooden acoustic panels it reflects in a dispersed direction reducing the effect of echo. SoundAxe Wooden Acoustic Panels by MMT Acoustix® is a combination of absorption and diffusion for a perfect acoustical environment.

Sound Insulation Pads – Low frequency absorptions, Sound Absoprtion and wall/ceiling infills

Sound Isolation involves separating , also know as decoupling , assembly of right material to stop the transfer of sound. MMT Acoustix® Sound Insulation Pad is made from high density acoustic poly-urethane with flat surface to absorb and isolate maximum sound & vibrations. Its used behind permanent or temporary wall systems, suspended or permanent ceilings and can be used as base layer before application of any other material for soundproofing. This pad can be sandwiched easily between walls using spray adhesive due to its flat surface. Its highly fire retardant and tested by ARAI for its NRC and STC.

Bass Traps – Low frequency diffusion and absorption

Bass traps are acoustic energy absorbers which are designed & engineered to damp low frequency sound energy with the goal of attaining a flatter low frequency (LF) room response by reducing LF resonance in rooms. They are essentials of recording studios, mastering rooms, home theatres and other rooms built to provide critical listening environment. Like all acoustically absorptive devices, they function by turning sound energy into heat through friction. MMT Acoustix® has designed the first contact of the bass trap to diffuse & disperse the heavy sound waves.

Monitor isolation Pad – Vibration control

Excellent solution for better sound quality! Everything that can vibrate will hamper the sound and that includes the surface on which monitors are mounted on. The MISO Pads decouple the energy from the supporting surface which results in a significantly improved audio sound. Sized to fit all popular 5, 6, 8 inch Monitors. MISOs are made out of the highest quality acoustical foam and will easily hold up your speakers without changing the pads shape. It can easily widstand weight upto 10 kgs. Available in set 2 and set of 4. 2 MISO are used under 1 monitor. It comes with an angle adjuster.

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