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Acoustic Foam Panels are designed & manufactured with German polyurethane technology with precise cuttings to absorb maximum sound and diffuse sound waves at different frequencies. Soundproofing acoustic panels offered by MMT Acoustix are first of it’s kind in India used for noise reduction and also absorb echo or provide acoustic treatment in the room. 

Noise reduction and acoustic treatment are two major branches of soundproofing. With Acoustic Foam Panels both can be achieved if installed correctly. MMT Acoustix® DIY ( Do It Yourself ) acoustic foam panels can be easily installed due to its light weight and ease of handling. 

Unlike other sound absorbing & soundproofing materials in the market, MMT Acoustix® Acoustic foam panels are highly effective, tested, certified by government institutes ( ARAI, TüV ), cost effective, easy to install, DIY, indigenous ( Proudly made in India ) and can be installed on any type of surface. 

This open cell noise reducing and soundproofing acoustic panel is majorly used for treatments in music studios, nightclubs, offices, home theatres, auditoriums and cineplexes. Everyday we keep discovering more areas of applications to cater this smart product in every industry. 


How to Install Acoustic Foam Panels ( Video )


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