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How to soundproof a music studio

How to soundproof a music studio

How To Soundproof A Music Studio

Its funny how you never realize how noisy the world actually is until you build your own music studio.All the background noise which is captured by your condenser mic becomes a pain and frustrates you. All the expensive gadgets bought becomes useless suddenly.

The first question then comes in your mind is “how do I soundproof my studio ? “

Let's discuss everything you need to know about soundproofing your music recording studio.

Most common questions that cross your mind when you start planning it :

  1. Is is possible in my room ?
  2. Difference between acoustic treatment and soundproofing ?
  3. What all products do I need ?
  4. Who will do it ?
  5. How much will it cost ?
  6. How much time will it take ?
  7. What’s the guarantee, does it actually work ?

 There are two major problems faced in a studio

  1. Sound transmission :

Sound travelling from one area to another through walls, ceiling, floor, doors and windows is known as sound transmission. High frequency sounds are easy to control than the low frequency sounds also known as bass.

Traffic noise, neighbor shouting, stepping sound of people living upstairs, dogs barking or noise from other parts of the home like kitchen, TV, living room, are examples of basic noise transmission.

 principle of sound transmission paths


These sounds can be tamed by adding mass on the walls, ceiling and floor surfaces. Blocking doors and windows with soundproofing material or changing them with double glazed professional products can solve your problem.

Some products for sound isolation are

  • SoundBlanket Mass Loaded Vinyl

The slimmest soundproofing membrane in the world. SoundBlanet Mass loaded vinyl sound barrier isolates sound to make the environment noise free. Mass loaded vinyl is a high density membrane which is fixed on floors, walls and ceiling to block high frequency sounds and low frequency sound waves which is also known as bass and sound vibrations. Mass loaded vinyl comes in various thicknesses as per sound blocking requirement, starting from 2.5mm to 12mm. Sound Barrier MLV can be easily fixed using SR Adhesive and Nails. The STC ( Sound Transmission Class ) of MMT Acoustix® mass loaded vinyl in 2.5mm thickness is 27. The lower frequencies can be easily isolated with this product. Its cost affective and highest performing product in the market. Its fire retardant and water resistant too.

MLV is mandatory for 


  • Multiplex
  • Auditoriums
  • Home Theatre
  • Recording Studios
  • Banquet Halls
  • Nightclubs
  • Hotels
  • Gyms and Sports Complex
  • Manufacturing Units

Major application of the product 

  • Sound Isolation
  • Sound Blocking
  • Low Frequency Control

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  • Acoustic Foams

 Yes, acoustic foam do soundproof your studio if there is only high and mid frequency problem. The high density acoustic foam panels available by MMT Acoustix® are tested for their soundproofing properties too. Acoustic foam is the best and cheapest option to soundproofing a room where we have normal sound levels like sound coming from 5”- 6” studio monitors, Vocals, office partitions, residential soundproofing etc.



Acoustic foams are available in different colours, sizes and designs. It’s a finished product and can be directly applied on any surface using MMT Acoustix® Super Spray Adhesive.

Acoustic foam is majorly used for echo and reverb control. Excellent sound absorption property of this product allows to improve room’s acoustics at a tremendous level. Used by professionals globally for sound improvement.

 Major Application of the product

  • Sound Absorption – Best for echo control and minor soundproofing

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 Know more about soundproofing your doors and windows here


  1. Echo and reverb :

 As you must be aware, scientifically sound is a vibration which when originates from a source, travels in all direction and reflects after hitting a solid surface. This allows sound to travel to a greater distance but also produces reverb and echo.

Echo is the reflection of the sound from multiple surfaces and returning to the source causing difficulty in hearing and recording ( specially when using a condenser microphone ).  It is commonly known as the flutter sound, slapbacks, muddiness, reverb and echo.

 Reflection of sound and echo - CBSE 9 - YouTube

How to reduce echo in a music studio ?

By adding absorption panels on walls and ceilings, echo problem can easily be solved.  If the first reflections of the sound are absorbed correctly, echo can reduce tremendously.  Following diagram shows the first reflections in a room.

Covering 30 – 40% wall area in a music studio can reduce the echo as required. More you cover the walls with acoustic panels, better the sound will be.



  • MMT Acoustix® Acoustic Foam Panels  For acoustic treatment high density acoustic foam is the best product. Selecting from various designs and colours you can easily acoustically treat your studio is affordable prices. Placing the panels completely on all walls or by limited/possible coverage of the reflective areas. Acoustic foam panels absorbs the mid and high frequencies greatly when comes in contact with sound. Easy to install on any surface using spray adhesive. Large spaces can be covered in a single day. Click here to know more







    • MMT Acoustux® Bass Traps – Bass also knows as the low frequency sound waves are most difficult to tame. They reflect highly from the corners, so absorbing them is the right way to control it. Suggested to use bass traps behind the monitors for low bass and entirely from top to bottom for high bass. Click here to know more







    So here are the answers to some of most commonly asked questions before you plan to soundproof your studio.


    1. Is it possible in my room ?

    Yes, any room can be converted into a studio. A rectangular room is mostly preferred keeping in mind the acoustics but a square room can be treated as well with right selection of products and technique.

    Choosing the right product as per your requirement solves all kind of sound problems.


    1. Difference between acoustic treatment and soundproofing ?

     As mentioned above, acoustic treatment is improving the sound quality inside the room which is controlling echo, reverb and bass on the other hand sound isolation is blocking sound to transmit between two spaces.


    1. What all products do I need ?

    If you have noise coming from outside your room, parents complaining about your sound then you surely need sound isolation treatment.

    First treat you doors, windows and the your walls, ceiling and floor as required.

    Click here for sound isolation products

    If you live alone and in a quiet place and facing inadequate sound quality due to empty room, you only need acoustic treatment.

    Click here for acoustic treatment products


    1. Who will do it ?

     We suggest to use DIY ( do it yourself  ) products to save on installation costs. Most efficient products in the market can be installed with adhesives on any surfaces. However if you wish to not install it yourself, any local carpenter can install the product.

    Click here to watch the installation video of acoustic foam 

    1. How much will it cost ?

     Cost depends upon the room size, type of treatment required and the products selected. Acoustic treatment can be done between Rs 15000 to Rs 150000 for a 10x12 feet room. 

     Less the coverage of walls with acoustic material is equal to lower acoustic treatment.

    Higher the coverage of walls with acoustic material is equal to higher acoustic treatment

    1. How much time will it take ?

     Most studios complete in maximum 2 days if done using MMT Acoustix® soundproofing materials and techniques. More than 10000 studios finished under 48 hours using MMT Acoustix® material by local carpenters globally.

    1. What’s the guarantee, does it actually work ?

    Yes, we guarantee 100% Acoustic treatment and sound isolation of the studio if done as per MMT Acoustix® consultancy and advise.  MMT Acoustix® focuses on providing best solutions to the customers fitting their sound needs, budgets, requirement and aesthetics.

    MMT Acoustix® also provide guarantee on quality and damages on the supplied products.  Shelf life of acoustic foam is more than 10 years and soundblanket mass loaded vinyl is 25 years.

    Benefits of soundproofing a recording studio with MMT Acoustix® products than fabric paneling  

    • Professional soundproofing and acoustic treatment with lowest installation cost.
    • Installation time by any local carpenter is between 6 – 12 hours.
    • Aesthetically modern with 3D finished products
    • Guaranteed performance and quality
    • All products delivered at home within 4-5 days across India and 5-7 days in Gulf.
    • Competitively prices products providing extra budget for the sound system
    • One stop brand for complete soundproofing
    • Customer indirectly contributing to save fuel, save water and animal welfare.

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