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6x3 ft Panels

Turbo Acoustic Foam Panel, Studio Purple, 6'x3'
Turbo Acoustic Foam Panel, Studio Purple, 6'x3'
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1x1 ft Tiles

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Freqncy - affordable acoustic foam

Absorbs 70% sound with NRC > 0.70

how to stick ? watch the video

Our spray adhesive sticks acoustic foam hassle free in minutes

A quick video guide to illustrate the application of MMT Acoustix® acoustic foam panels on any surfaced wall. In this video we show how 36 sqft got fixed in less than 10 minutes
Acoustic foam panels are proven to be the best DIY Acoustic product of all times.Watch this video to learn more

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learn About Soundproofing

Expert advise & guide on acoustic and soundproofing treatment for different applications

Just Launched By MMT Acoustix

Affordable acoustic foam in 1 inch thickness for echo reduction

More in wooden acoustic panel

Absorb and Diffuse sound TOGETHER !

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